Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Oklahoma crude. And stupid. And callous. And just fucking awful.

Two Oklahoma death row prisoners (both of whom are black, if you had to ask) sued the state over its secrecy over how it acquired its death chemicals and what they might actually be. After some back and forth, the state Supreme Court rules that they can’t prove any “actual injury” caused by the secrecy, which obviously they can’t do because of the, you know, secrecy. That’s some grade A Catch-22 shit there.

Gov. Mary Fallin tried to override the stay by ordering the executions to go ahead by executive order, because law and order is so important to her that she will just make up her own laws and enforce the hell out of them.

A state rep who was so enraged by the Supreme Court’s brief stay of execution that he introduced a resolution to impeach any justice who voted for it is named Mike Christian, because of course he is.

One of the justices who is safe from Mr. Christian’s wrath is Steven Taylor, who said the suit was frivolous and a waste of his precious time and wrote, “If they were being executed in the electric chair, they would have no right to know whether OG&E or PSO were providing the electricity. If they were being hanged, they would have no right to know whether it be by cotton or nylon rope; or if they were being executed by firing squad, they would have no right to know whether it be by Winchester or Remington ammunition.”

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David Chappell said...

I take it this is current (2014) news and not -100 news?