Monday, April 07, 2014

Today -100: April 7, 1914: Of home rule, plane crashes, dry counties, and workers’ rights

The Home Rule Bill passes the House of Commons, 356-276.

George Cornwallis-West’s divorce from Winston Churchill’s mother comes through, and he immediately marries famed actress Mrs. Patrick Campbell (as she billed herself), who will soon star in Pygmalion.

38 aviators died worldwide in plane accidents in the first three months of 1914, including 10 in France and 5 in the US. A pretty good percentage of them were military aviators.

12 Michigan counties voted on prohibition. Some of the counties went dry, some went wet, leaving the state with 34 dry counties and 49 wet ones.

John D. Rockefeller Jr tells the Congressional committee investigating the Colorado coal strike that he and his fellow mineowners would rather “lose all of their millions invested in the coal fields than that American workingmen should be deprived of the right under the Constitution to work for whom they pleased.” That John D., always thinking of the rights of others. He refers to his union-busting as an attempt to allow the miners “to have the privilege of determining the conditions under which they shall work.” However he claimed ignorance about most things related to his Colorado interests, such as whether they’ve been stocking up on machine guns and ammo, saying he left those things to his managers.

A federal judge denies the habeas corpus petition of the 3,600 Mexicans interned in Fort Bliss.

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