Sunday, April 13, 2014

Today -100: April 13, 1914: Of salutes, heckling, electric chairs, royalists, and butt eulogies

The Huerta regime agrees to fire a salute to the US flag and kiss Adm. Mayo’s ass, not necessarily in that order.

Suffragettes heckle and disrupt the Independent Labour Party conference in Bradford. Philip Snowden is unable to finish his speech, and a bag of flour is thrown at Ramsay MacDonald (sadly, I don’t think it hit him). Elsewhere, during a church service in Lowescroft, the bishop of Norwich is heckled by chants of “God save Emmeline Pankhurst!” and “Christ is being crucified afresh in the persons of our women.”

I haven’t been following the “Rosenthal murder plot,” which has something to do with corrupt NYC cops. Anyway, four gunmen are about to be put to death in Sing Sing, despite the attempt by someone – a prison employee is suspected – to derail the execution by destroying the dynamo that powers the electric chair.

Several Portuguese royalists are arrested for a plot to restore the monarchy. Well, a monarchy. They’d actually become disappointed with the Portuguese claimants (reading between the lines, because those claimants failed to give money to the royalists) and were thinking about getting a foreign pretender to the throne, maybe an Italian or a Brit. They got to fighting about this and someone tipped off the police.

Headline of the Day -100: “Taft to Eulogize Butt.”

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