Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Today -100: April 23, 1914: Mexico will fight to the extreme limit of her power against the Colossus

US military forces have captured Vera Cruz, although shooting from irregular forces and civilians continues. Occasionally the US shells a bit of the city which people are shooting from.

Huerta says “Mexico will fight to the extreme limit of her power against the Colossus. Better die fighting than purchase peace at the price of national dignity.” The government orders all able-bodied citizens to take to the field and decrees a general amnesty, so all Mexicans can help fight the Americans.

Gen. Venustiano Carranza telegraphs Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan saying the Constitutionalists don’t plan to join Huerta against the US, but he also says that the US had no excuse to occupy Vera Cruz, since the actions of Huerta and his soldiers don’t represent the Mexican people.

Some guy who saw Theodore Roosevelt in Brazil says TR planned to come back and do the Rough Rider thing again if there were a war with Mexico. But only if it’s a, you know, real war.

Colorado miners are setting mines on fire.

Headline of the Day -100: “I.W.W. Slur on Flag Stirs Angry Crowd.” During street-corner speeches in NYC against the war in Mexico. The police naturally arrest the speakers, as was the custom, rather than the crowds that were threatening them, throwing fruit, etc.

William Burns of the Burns Detective Agency announces that his investigation, which he’s been dragging out for maximum self-promotion, has determined that Leo Frank is innocent of the murder of Mary Phagan and that Jim Conley is guilty. (Update: Burns claims Conley, “as shrewd and tricky a negro as one would find in a week’s travel,” is a serial killer responsible for the murders of 20 women.)

Headline/Obit of the Day -100: “KILLED BY OWN DYNAMITE.; Farmer's Head Blown Off by Explosion Meant for Wife.” The lesson: if you’re chasing your wife holding a stick of dynamite with a lit fuse, pay attention to how close the fuse is getting. Alcohol was involved. You don’t get this sort of thing so much anymore, since Warner Bros & the Acme Corp put out all those safety videos. Very few giant slingshot deaths these days too.

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