Sunday, April 20, 2014

Today -100: April 20, 1914: Mexico has yielded as much as her dignity will permit

Huerta refuses to accede to Wilson’s demands. Foreign Minister Portillo y Rojas explains that the US flag wasn’t even flying from the Dolphin’s launch, so it was never insulted, and Mexico offered a mutual salute, which was rejected. “Mexico has yielded as much as her dignity will permit. Mexico trusts to the fairmindedness and spirit of justice of the American people.” Good luck with that.

Vice President Marshall has some helpful advice for Mexico: “Mexico can’t have a republic until Mexico has different laws, different sentiments and different people... you can’t have a pie without any filling”.

Former President Taft predicts a long war with thousands dead, requiring up to 500,000 troops to occupy every major city in Mexico and fight the inevitable guerilla warfare because it’ll be the Philippines all over again.

A report in The Annalist says that Americans own more property, including banks and mines and whatnot, in Mexico than do the Mexicans, $1,057,770,000 versus $793,187,242.

IWW leader Big Bill Haywood tells a Carnegie Hall audience that the war would trigger a general strike against it in the US. “The mine workers of this country will simply fold their arms, and when they fold their arms there will be no war.” He suggests sending the bankers to fight the war. Spoiler alert: there will be no general strike, and bankers will not be sent to fight in Mexico.

The Justice Dept is already looking into prosecuting Mr. Haywood under the sedition and/or treason laws.

An envoy from Mexican Dictator Huerta will meet Carranza and Villa to ask if they’ll help him in the event of an invasion by the US and, hey guys would you stop sniggering for just a minute, guys this is serious... [translated from the Spanish].

The Constitutionalists say they’ll be okay with the US occupying Tampico and Vera Cruz, but won’t be okay with it if shooting starts.

Headline of the Day -100 (LA Times): “Edison Is Fatter.” Thomas Edison returns from a vacation in Florida with several, evidently newsworthy pounds.

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