Friday, April 13, 2007

A superior alternative to ideologies of violence, anger, and resentment

Dick Cheney spoke to the Heritage Foundation in Chicago today, possibly the last place on earth where repeatedly accusing the Democrats of returning to the policies of McGovern and the “hard left in the early ‘70s” would have any sort of traction. However, he insisted, “America will not again play out those old scenes of abandonment, and retreat, and regret. Thirty-five years is time enough to have learned the lessons of that sad era. When the United States turns away from our friends, only tragedy can follow”. So Cheney not only wants never-ending war in Iraq, he thinks we should still be fighting the Vietnam War.

He returned to the attack against Nancy Pelosi: “No member of Congress, Democrat or Republican, has any business jetting around the world with a diplomatic agenda contrary to that of the President and the Secretary of State.” Dude, the president and the secretary of state have a diplomatic agenda?

He calls that demand that congresscritters refrain from talking to foreigners “a basic constitutional principle.”

On the Iraq spending bill, he said, “Rarely in history has an elected branch of government engaged in so pointless an exercise as Congress is now doing.” I was going to ask if it was as pointless as the war in Iraq that the executive branch is engaged in, but then I realized he said elected branch of government...

He accuses the Congressional Democrats of “endlessly shifting positions” on Iraq, but how consistent is Cheney himself? He said, “We offer a vision of freedom, justice, and self government as a superior alternative to ideologies of violence, anger, and resentment.” Dick Cheney was for violence, anger and resentment before he was against them. I’m pretty sure “Violence, Anger and Resentment” was the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign slogan.

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