Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wherein this blogger becomes drunk with advisory power

Bush met with Congressional leaders today to talk about the Iraq spending bill. Er, why is Harry Reid asleep and why does Nancy Pelosi have the same vacant smile as Laura Bush? They didn’t actually drink the “water” they were given, did they?

Bush & Dems  4.18.07  1

Bush & Dems  4.18.07  2
Anyway, the WaPo reports that Congressional D’s may make the timetables for withdrawing troops from Iraq “advisory.” Congress thus lays claim to exactly as much power as a lowly blogger, the power to give impotent advice.

But maybe I should look at it the other way around. Let’s give it a try: I, WIIIAI, hereby advise that we get the fuck out of Iraq.

Dude, that was awesome! I’m totally as powerful as Congress now!

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