Thursday, April 12, 2007

Why Dick Cheney is a very bad man

Kurt Vonnegut has died. So it goes. From Dead Eye Dick: “It may be a bad thing that so many people try to make good stories out of their lives. A story after all is as artificial as a mechanical bucking bronco in a drinking establishment. And it may be even worse for nations to try to be characters in stories. Perhaps these words should be carved over doorways of the United Nations and all sorts of parliaments, big and small: LEAVE YOUR STORY OUTSIDE.”

Oh, and will everyone stop using the word “counterculture” about him. Whether it’s intended as praise or insult or condescension, it’s simply wrong: Vonnegut was the epitome of American culture.

Almost immediately after hearing that news, I read something that Vonnegut would surely have had something to say about: some of those BYU students protesting Dick Cheney being their commencement speaker are evidently upset only at his use of profanity when he told Patrick Leahy to go fuck himself.

Also, I hear he sometimes indulges in the Demon Caffeine.

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