Friday, April 13, 2007

Wherein is revealed the true strength of our nation, and I get kind of hungry for some reason

Durst: “Mitt Romney bragging about being a lifelong hunter, then admitting he’s only been hunting twice. ... Same kind of thinking qualifies George Bush as a lifelong reader.”

This morning George Bush attended the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. He totally killed, or they were totally drunk: “I noticed that this year’s breakfast was the Friday after Lent -- (laughter) -- you can eat your bacon in good conscience. (Laughter.) And the priests can relax. (Laughter.)” That’s a lot of laughing. Is there such a thing as a bacon high?

He told the National Catholics, “Prayer breakfasts show the true strength of our nation.” That strength: delicious bacon.

He came out in favor of Catholic schools, a “culture of life,” and immigration reform, and concluded, “And I ask that you pray that in a troubled world, America may always remain a beacon of hope and of freedom.” Or possibly a bacon of hope and of freedom.

Caption contest!

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