Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today -100: May 15, 1913: We hope this is not a poor widow’s house

In Britain, someone sent a mail bomb to the magistrate who has presided over many trials of suffragettes. It did not explode. And fires were started at a house and a church. Found at the unoccupied house, the message, “We hope this is not a poor widow’s house.” Boys have been leaving fake bombs in various places as pranks, because hilarious.

An international force has arrived to occupy Scutari until the Albanians get their little country organized.

Evidently China came to a secret agreement with Russia to give up Outer Mongolia to it.

The US Navy seems to have lost/had stolen plans for the electrical systems of the latest battleship (or “superdreadnought” as they call it, which would be an awesome name for an Edwardian superhero). The Burns Detective Agency is looking into it.

Nevada executes one Andrija Mircovich for the murder of a former state senator. Mircovich is the first person ever executed by automatic rifles, because they couldn’t find any people willing to shoot him.

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