Thursday, May 16, 2013

Today -100: May 16, 1913: The whiskey constables are useless

South Carolina Gov. Coleman Blease fires all 100 whiskey constables after a state Supreme Court decision legalizes the importation into the state of booze for personal use.

The grand jury in Chicago is investigating Charles De Alvandros, lawyer/clairvoyant/con artist. As a fake lawyer, he referred clients to himself, wearing a disguise, as a clairvoyant with remarkable insight into the affairs the client had disclosed to the lawyer, if you follow.

There are more strikes going on than I’m even attempting to keep up with, with more ominous developments – dynamite going missing, attempted train derailings, etc. So this may be my only mention of the barbers’ strike in NYC: there is a barbers’ strike in NYC. There’s also a strike by iron miners in Wharton, NJ. Women and children have supposedly been attacking deputies because they know the cops have been ordered not to shoot. So the local sheriff and judge want the military sent in to shoot the women and children. But a general, I assume of the state militia, is disinclined to do so because a detective agency hired by the mineowners says it can break the strike in four days. Oh good.

French aviator Marcel Brindejonc des Moulinais sets a speed record by flying in just 20 minutes from Calais to Dover, where he was arrested for breaking the new law against foreigners landing in Britain without a permit.

Headline of the Day -100: “Wilson Puts Check on Rumors of War.” With Japan. Over California’s racist Alien Land Act.

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