Saturday, May 25, 2013

Today -100: May 25, 1913: A mighty coquetry, a flirtation planned on a gigantic scale

The NYT Sunday Magazine section interviews Mrs. Arthur Dodge, President of the National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage. She explains that while the British suffragists are at war with men, American suffragists are cajoling them, which “may be as dangerous as war; it tends to develop methods which may work as great destruction to society as a bomb can to a railway station or a Cabinet Minister’s residence. As a matter of fact, I cannot but believe the suffrage movement to be an attack in grim reality upon the structure of society.” The American suffrage movement is “a mighty coquetry, a flirtation planned on a gigantic scale. It is as perilous to morals as the English movement is to property.” She complains a lot about how these girls today dress. As an antidote to suffragism, she suggests supporting the Campfire Girls. She thinks women getting jobs will inevitably destroy “the sweetest attributes of motherhood” and result in children being raised in common. “No man has ever made a home. It has ever been women’s work. ... if it remains undone, what can ensue but something close related to a social reign of terror?” What indeed. She claims that women’s suffrage is associated with individualism, and later claims that it is associated with socialism.

There’s also a profile of Mary Bartelme, the head of Chicago’s Court for Delinquent Girls, who the Times says is the only woman judge in the US.

A coroner’s jury in Miami, Arizona ruled that José Perez, who was beaten to death by a mob, was killed by unknown persons. However a couple of days later two members of the jury are arrested for being part of that mob.

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