Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today -100: May 21, 1913: Of Jews, Wobblies, blackmail, golf courses, and mock invasions

Henceforth, Jews will be admitted to Russian universities by lot rather than by ability.

The police in Paterson, NJ are arresting lots of picketers and closing the halls used by the IWW, but the big news is that one of the new IWW organizers is a negro (unlike any of the striking silk workers, evidently. Are the mills whites-only, or is it the unions? Dunno.).

Jake Dunn and Seeley Davenport are convicted for trying to extort money from Woodrow Wilson before and after his election as president (and from several other New Jerseyites, including a furniture dealer). We are not informed how much money they asked Wilson for in exchange for not murdering him.

In St. Andrews, Scotland, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club is forming a Vigilance Committee and organizing volunteers to patrol golf greens night and day to keep out suffragettes who might damage them ahead of the world amateur golf championship.

Headline of the Day -100: “Ad Men Dress as Japs.” The LA Times reports: “Delegates to the convention of the Pacific Coast Advertising Men’s Association arrayed themselves in Japanese apparel today and invaded the office of Gov. Johnson, who on Monday affixed his signature to the anti-alien land bill. The mock invasion brought the Governor to the corridor, where he extended a greeting to the visitors.”

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