Friday, May 17, 2013

Today -100: May 17, 1913: Of rebellion & militancy, more alien land bills, and street car strikes

The London Times reports that three Dublin suffragists (Margaret Palmer, Dora Ryan, and Annie Walsh) were tried in the Dublin Police Court for breaking windows at the United Irish League and at the house of John Dillon MP. At the trial, Dillon is asked if he signed petition for restoration of political rights for Dr. Jameson following his conviction for leading the Jameson Raid on the Transvaal before the Boer War. Dillon says that was a rebellion and militancy is disgraceful but rebellion isn’t.

NYC Mayor Gaynor says the way to end suffragist militancy in England is to find husbands for the suffragettes, adding “Is there any suffragette in the world who would not give up her principles for a nice man?” He thinks most women in NY don’t want the vote, while most men “are in that mood that they just laugh and rub their stomachs and say that they are perfectly satisfied for the women to vote if they want to.” (Rub their stomachs?)

Arizona bans any alien who does not declare an intention of becoming a US citizen from owning land. This affects not just Asiatics, who are debarred from citizenship by racist federal laws, but also Mexican nationals who want to retain their citizenship. The governor refused to veto the bill because, he says, it’s necessary in the interests of the white race.

Headline of the Day -100: “Editor Shoots a Mayor.” Of Mount Auburn, Ill. To be fair, the mayor attacked the editor first.

The Cuban congress has appropriated funds to send soldiers to the US to march in the parade for the dedication of the Maine Memorial, but is fighting over whether some black soldiers will be sent or just white ones.

The NYT optimistically reports the “first big riot of the street car strike” in Cincinnati.

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