Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Today -100: May 28, 1913: Of Teddy and booze, bullingdons, and women’s suffrage

Theodore Roosevelt testifies in his libel lawsuit against The Iron Ore newspaper, which last year printed that “Roosevelt lies, and curses in a most disgusting way, he gets drunk too, and that not infrequently, and all of his intimates know about it.” TR testifies at length about the moderation of his drinking habits, seemingly reciting every drink he’s ever taken. Want to know how often he’s had mint juleps? Teddy knows. Want to know how much booze he brought along on his expedition to Africa? Teddy knows. And thanks to a million reporters, now we all do.

The Prince of Wales’s mother lets him retain his membership in the Bullingdon Club, the Oxford dining club known for drunkenness and destruction, in 1913 just as it was when David Cameron & Boris Johnson went through their initiation ceremonies (burning a £50 note in front of a tramp), but Queen Mary says he can’t join in the rowdy “Bullingdon blinds” – again.

Wisconsin Gov. Francis McGovern vetoes a bill for a women’s suffrage referendum, saying it’s too soon after the last one.

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