Wednesday, January 31, 1996

There is an article in today's paper that says a lot of schools are using video cameras during lunch, football games & such to catch their students breaking the rules. It cites Dana Point, CA. Try that in NYC and see how fast they disappear. I remember when I thought metal detectors in schools spelled the death of civilization as we know it.

Malcolm Forbes, Jr. says we need more judges like Scalia.

Dole suggested Forbes isn't being examined properly by the press because maybe he owns stock in the networks & Time Warner? He keeps talking about himself in the 3rd person like Nixon used to do: "Bob Dole is a proven leader etc"

Actual NY Times headline: "US Ships Steam to Persian Gulf in Response to Iraqis". My first response was, how do you ship steam? Do you put it in boxes or what?

A Mexican "policeman of the year" is detained with 436 pounds of marijuana.