Friday, February 21, 1997

And you can't spit afterwards, either

Oral sex has been declared illegal in Singapore unless it is practised as a prelude to full sex, the island's Court of Appeal ruled. The court said the practice was "against the order of nature".

Thursday, February 13, 1997

Rep. Helen Chenoweth said that term limits would get rid of out-of-touch politicians. Still holding those endangered-species campaign BBQs, Helen?

State Dept spokesman Nicholas Burns, cornered by the BBC on the differences in policy regarding trade with China and Cuba, said that constructive engagement worked in South Africa.

New in NY City: a kosher cybercafe.

An Alabama judge is ordered by the circuit court to stop his prayer sessions with jury pools and remove the large carved 10 Commandments.

Governor Fob (Fob?) James threatens to send in the National Guard and the state troopers to protect the plaques, saying "If we accept all judge's orders, we don't have a government of law, we have a government of men."

Is it my imagination, or a lot of really stupid stories coming out of Alabama lately?

The reward on Salman Rushdie's head is upped to $2 1/2 million. The British government has spent over $10 million keeping him alive.