Friday, February 20, 1998

That damn machine again

From a New York magazine competition (8/4/97) for outgoing answering messages:
"Hello. This is Bob Dole. Bob Dole is not here right now..."

"This is Martha Stewart. While you are on hold, why not spray-paint your phone? First, put masking tape..."

The Roadrunner: "Beep beep"

Harry Houdini: "I'm all tied up right now..."

The Marquis de Sade: "I'm all tied up right now..."

"Hello, this is Jerry Seinfeld. Did you ever wonder why everyone has to say hello?....."

"Hi, this is Gary Karsparov. I could have taken your call, but the machine beat me to it."

"Paul McCartney here. daed ton m'I."

"You've reached the home of Erwin Schrodinger. I'm both in and not in at the moment..."

"You have reached the offices of Dr. Jekyll. Thank you for your patience during our transition."

"You have reached Weight Watchers. If this is an emergency, press the pound sign now."

[NOTE: More New York Magazine competitions here.]

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