Saturday, April 18, 1998

A miracle of technology that I first heard of a year or two ago: the self-chilling soda can. You activate it and two minutes later the contents are cold. Is that great or what? Unfortunately, any widespread use would have turned the Earth's atmosphere into something resembling that of Venus very quickly, but they have changed the coolant. It can also be used on ice cream. Did you know 1 trillion soda cans are sold every year?

In the race for the bottom, a Texas state legislator proposes a bill to execute 11-year olds.

Speaking of dead children, guess what Renault uses to test car safety?

The answer is dead children, it wasn't a trick question.

The archbishop of Turin says that any priest who visits the Shroud of Turin can absolve women for abortion, which normally requires excommunication. I'll never understand the Catholic church. A get out of hell free card as a promotional item for a tourist attraction.

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