Friday, February 11, 2000

George II says that Bob Jones University's ban on interracial dating is not based on hatred or bigotry. So that's all right, then.

China orders that Tibetan women be sterilized after two children, in violation of previous promises.

Northern Ireland devolution, RIP, age 72 days. I told you so. Well I did.

Another reason to vote for gay marriage in California and elsewhere: the demagoguery about the "marriage penalty." Which is actually a penalty for only a bare majority of married couples filing jointly, as it turns out. In the context of this mailing list, that means that the rest of us will pay higher taxes to subsidize Kevin's chosen lifestyle. Say thank you to the good people, Kevin.

Another Israeli soldier was killed in Lebanon by a missile. What you don't see in the US media is a discussion of where those missiles came from. Remember Iran-Contra? Remember the TOW missiles given to Iran in exchange for hostages, a deal brokered by Israel? Well guess what...

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