Friday, July 13, 2001

Fun web sites

German tv stations are cancelling almost all of their comedies, after finding out that Germans don't get humor.

Bernard Goetz (remember him?) is running for mayor of NY on a platform of vegetarianism, but has yet to be noticed by the NY Times.

Some web-sites to check out: is just what it says it is, and could hardly be more creepy. Check out the "But some black people are nice, aren't they?" section. Then click on the main KKK section and buy a t-shirt at the gift shop.

The following will present a dilemma for Chris, because it is the web site of the Dull Men's Club, whose web-site lists all sorts of dull things for dull people to do. However, if Chris reads the whole URL, he will realize that this one has something to do with airports, and will be unable to resist clicking on it.

Actually, the site missed one activity. I mean it mentions watching corn grow, but I seem to remember that there's an actual web-cam somewhere.... Fill out the test to find if you are dull (did you ever have an urge? were you able to get over it?) (and I fully realize the irony that I have been reading this site on a Friday night).
You may be able to guess what this one's like just from the fact that there's a misspelling in its URL. Find out why you will be spending eternity in hellfire, by clicking on atheists, Jews, Catholics, scientologists, people who pray to angels, etc etc etc (some do not work). Also, neato music, more misspellings, and images that seem to have been clipped from some odd sources.

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