Friday, August 30, 2002

Please don't harass the monkey god

New California fad: cardio-striptease.

Hyderabad: An Indian court has intervened to save a monkey trapped inside a temple by over-zealous devotees convinced that it is the reincarnation of a monkey god. The court ruled that visiting pilgrims cannot harass the monkey, which is to get medical help.

Winston Churchill’s grandson also says that George W. Bush is no Winston Churchill (he’s an MP and a former minister for the armed forces, so it’s not just a cheap shot, either).

Bush keeps saying he’s “a patient man” (I have doubts about the noun as well as the adjective) and hasn’t decided whether to invade Iraq, and that therefore any criticism whatsoever is “premature.” And yesterday, the State department said of a plan to set up a government in exile that since Bush hadn’t decided on invasion, any talk of a future Iraqi government is “premature.” So, what, decision first, discussion afterwards, like the Queen of Heart’s court? Premature suggests that there’s a maximum time limit for discussing major decisions. A week? Two?

Tuvalu (that’s a country) is suing the US and oil companies for global warming, which should entirely submerge the country within 50 years.

Did you know that the Bible is full of emoticons?

A US district judge rules that Mexico had sovereign immunity when it stole money taken from the wages of bracero workers in the 1940s.

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