Sunday, July 04, 2004

Why couldn't they be both?

A website which asks the burning question, dogtoy, or marital aid?

The Pentagon still hasn’t admitted that it was a wedding it bombed in May.

Be sure to read this WaPo piece on how we’re spending Iraqi funds like drunken sailors for “reconstruction” projects that were supposed to be paid for by funds voted by Congress, of which only 2% have been spent. There needs to be a name--other than looting, I mean--for this variant on Keynesianism, where another country’s money is spent keeping Americans in employment at twenty times the wages Iraqis would do the same job for (and the Iraqis wouldn’t require quite as much security). The details in the article are what make it so infuriating. Much of the Iraqi money was quickly earmarked in the last weeks of the Bremer viceroyalty, so that the feckless natives wouldn’t get their hands on it.

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