Sunday, September 05, 2004

Iraq: Going Pretty Much According to Plan

After the Iraqi puppet gov’s one-month ban on Al Jazeera raised no particular objections internationally, or indeed from their American overlords, they have, predictably, followed it with an indefinite ban.

It’s still not clear exactly how many people the Iraqi National Council actually has, and whether Chalabi is a member or not. Anyhow, it just elected 4 VPs, described by Juan Cole as showing that “the US invaded Iraq to install in power a coalition of Communists, Islamists and ex-Baathist nationalists.” Mission accomplished, then.

It’s getting so you can’t tell the hostages without a scorecard. The French journalists haven’t been released, but US-installed PM “Comical” Allawi decided that this was the perfect time to taunt the French, informing them that their anti-war stance had not protected their nationals from terrorist acts. And yes, it’s always a good time to taunt the French, but if Allawi had a diplomatic bone in his body, he might have realized that you don’t give what sounds an awful lot like tacit approval for attacks on French people, especially if you give it at the same time as the terrorists are deciding whether to kill or release the hostages.

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