Thursday, March 31, 2005

Misery for everyone

Eyeglasses that play DVDs. Civilization is officially at an end.

Some of the Save Terri people have taken to making mock-feminist arguments, saying that Mrs. Schavio is being treated like property by her husband. Where were these people a couple of weeks ago when some businessman actually tried to buy her from her husband for $1 million?

If you look at a newspaper, it’s all medical ethics, all the time. Here’s Tom DeLay, defending taking his father off life support: “My father was in a coma. Schiavo is a living person. My father was on life support and dying. Schiavo is living and wants to live. There is no similarity at all and to even suggest so is pretty sad.” So there you have it, from one of the Every Sperm is Sacred Brigade: people in comas are not living people. I’m not clear what they actually are. And there’s the pope’s nasal-gastric feeding tube. And there’s the US tank commander who told a court martial that he shot a wounded Iraqi prisoner to “put him out of his misery”. Guess he hasn’t understand that America’s rulers are firmly pro-misery. “Misery is on the march!” they proclaim proudly. His lawyer is evidently arguing that mercy killing is allowed under the Geneva Conventions.

Laura Bush in Afghanistan: “As a teacher, I know how important teaching is.” I think she means that as a former teacher, she knows how important teaching was.

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