Friday, December 23, 2005

How could we build an Iraq with a fraudulent process?

The head of one of the Iraqi parties rejecting the election results asks, “How could we build an Iraq with a fraudulent process?” That’s probably a rhetorical question. Notable among those claiming fraud are the two men whose careers were pushed most strenuously by the Americans, and with so little result, Achmad Chalabi and Iyad “Comical” Allawi. Which leaves the question, were the Americans spectacularly, monumentally wrong about the level of support these two clowns could muster, or was it American backing that reduced their support to the zero figures?

These two stories feature, consecutively, on the Pentagon website: “U.S. Forces to Take on Different Role in Iraq,” “NORAD Marks 50 Years of Tracking Santa.”

Chad says a state of war exists between it and Sudan. I’m sure the American papers will be all over this.

Media Matters has a lengthy, linky rebuttal of the myths and falsehoods surrounding the Bush spying scandal, NSA-gate or whatever we wind up calling it.

Sadly, I found as I looked for the link, the NYT online has changed the title of this obit to something boring from the print version’s “Charles F. Cummings Dies at 68; Knew Everything About Newark.”

Today Secretary of War Rumsfeld went to Fallujah, the scene of his greatest massacre atrocity war crime victory. Didn’t meet any natives, of course, but did eat with some American soldiers, who were allowed, as is now the custom, only plastic sporks. Rummy also protected himself with a condiment barrier.

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