Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What was that you said about Hillary again?

Hearing that North Korea had released those two journalists, I immediately went to that finest of news sources, the North Korean News Agency. They don’t yet have anything beyond a brief notice of Bill Clinton’s arrival, but I did find the important news that “President Wears Cotton-padded Winter-Shoes in Summer,” which I pass on unedited:
Pyongyang, August 3 (KCNA) -- On an August day of Juche 40 (1951) President Kim Il Sung examined cotton-padded military winter-shoes.

After watching shoes with care from the height of rubber rim to thickness of shoe-sole, he instructed an official that he should carry a pair of shoes with him when backing.

Next day after he came back to the Supreme Command, he came out, putting on the cotton-padded shoes.

Officials dubiously looked at him wearing the shoes unfit for hot summer.

After having put on the shoes for a week and more, he told officials that, while wearing the shoes for several days, he felt they were good as they were warm and comfortable for feet. What worries myself, he added, is that feet of soldiers might be frozen as the shoes became wet easily.

Pointing to the rubber rim of the shoes he told in an anxious tone that the height of the rim was so low that the shoes got wet like this even in some mud and the wet shoes might make feet of soldiers frozen in winter though cotton was padded.

At last the officials realized why the President wore the shoes in summer.

After an interval, the President earnestly instructed them that the height of rubber should be raised higher.

The officials were deeply moved by him who worried himself so much about the problem of military winter-shoes in the height of the hard-fought war, not a problem of military operation.

A lesson for us all.

North Korea is claiming Clinton presented a message from Obama; the White House is denying it.

But what did Bill and Little Kim have to talk about? CAPTION CONTEST!

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