Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Hopefully, that’s everything fixed, thanks to my personal IT support system in New York. It would have been easier (and cheaper) to dump Haloscan, but we’d have lost the last 12,000 comments made on this blog, which just wasn’t an option.

I had to set comments to show up in a separate tab instead of a pop-up, which didn’t display properly in Chrome. I had trouble signing in to comment in Opera, but signing in isn’t mandatory. Otherwise it seems to test out in Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari. Tell me if there are problems, or if the current settings aren’t working for you.

You can use bold & italics, and insert hyperlinks and images.

You can get follow-ups to your comments via email. Some other day I’ll work on figuring out why there is no RSS for each post, like there’s supposed to be.

Features I have not enabled: You cannot “like” comments because this is not junior high or Facebook (but I repeat myself). You cannot use graphic emoticons because this is not the 6th grade.

Echo has a feature where I could send comments that use specified naughty words into moderation. I’m thinking of implementing that for a different random word every day. “Say the secret word and collect $100” sort of thing.

(Update: except, of course, everything is not fixed, and comments go to entirely different places depending on whether you’re commenting on a post in its unique URL, on the front page, or in a monthly archive. Swell.)

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