Friday, January 29, 2010

Today -100: January 29, 1910: Of Groce and Cannon, and bulldogs

Members of the court-martial in Nicaragua that “illegally” sentenced Groce and Cannon to death have been acquitted after former president Zelaya’s letters of instruction were shown to the court.

And in another sketchy report from the field, Estrada’s rebels may have defeated government forces in a battle at La Libertad.

NYPD Patrolman Arnold Samish, attempting to remove a drunk woman from the street car tracks on Lexington Ave., was attacked by “an unknown bulldog,” which removed his trousers. He had to walk 3 short and 1½ long blocks to his station house. “The urchins who attended the patrolman as far as the police station did their best to keep him from feeling lonesome.”

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