Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Today -100: February 3, 1910: Of big thigh bones and awkward reunions

Republican congresscritters agree with President Taft on a legislative program: statehood for Arizona and New Mexico, an appointed legislative council for Alaska, postal savings banks, creating a court of commerce, and something I don’t quite understand about conservation of public lands. The Republicans seem united despite strong disagreements within the party, with the “insurgents” trying to oust or at least reduce the powers of Speaker of the House Joe Cannon.

Headline of the Day -100: “Biggest Thigh Bone Found.” Turns out to be one of a set of dinosaur bones from Tanganyika and not, as you might have expected, William Howard Taft’s.

In Indiana a woman runs into her husband, who she had believed was killed in the Civil War. She sold the house moved away, so he could not find her when he came home from war. She remarried 40 years ago, presumably bigamously, but her second husband died 10 months ago. She will now re-marry her first husband.

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