Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today -100: May 29, 1910: Of corruption in Illinois (I know!)

Several Illinois state senators are indicted for either paying or accepting bribes in the election to the US Senate of William Lorimer (R), including our Name of the Day -100, Stanton C. Pemberton. Lorimer, in a speech on the Senate floor delivered literally while the indictments were being handed down, denies this, blaming the Chicago Tribune and the “newspaper trust.” The Tribune last month published the confession of state sen. Charles White’s confession to having taken a $1,000 bribe; Lorimer says the confession was a forgery or White was paid by the Trib “to satisfy his instinct for debauchery”. It will take the Senate more than two years to expel Lorimer.

Headline of the Day -100: “Pope Not Impressed by Halley’s Comet.”

TMI Headline of the Day -100: “Kaiser Unable to Write. Eruption on Right Hand Prevents Him from Signing Public Documents.”

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