Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wait, did I say humble? I mean fuck you.

The Murdochs testify to Parliament and everyone makes Burns & Smithers jokes. Synergy!

Everyone is also making jokes about Murdoch visiting Cameron by the back door. I made that joke a week ago, and I’m darned proud of it.

Rupert certainly played the “old man who couldn’t possibly be held responsible” angle, right down to the suit that some tailor was paid a fortune to make two sizes too large for him.

Murdoch’s opening statement: “I hope our contribution to Britain will one day also be recognised.” Now that would have been the moment to hit him with a pie.

Murdoch had already said it’s “the most humble day of my life,” so why did they arrest the guy who tried to feed him humble pie?

Quote of the Day, James Murdoch: “But it’s difficult to say that the company should have been told something if it’s not known that a thing was a known fact to be told.” So true.

Jimmy also said that he was “as surprised as you are” that the PI/hacker’s legal fees were paid by News International. Meaning that no one was the tiniest bit surprised.

Name of the Day: News of the World chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck.

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