Saturday, April 14, 2012

Today -100: April 14, 1912: Of campaign contributors, Republican fights, and the dangers of the bells of Venice

The House Committee on Election of the President and Vice President unanimously supports a bill to make public the names of contributors of $100 or more to presidential campaigns, as well as the amounts spent and what on.

Another Republican convention, in Davies County, Missouri, turns into a brawl.

To everyone’s surprise, Roosevelt wins the Pennsylvania primary.

And Woodrow Wilson wins the D. primary there.

The courts are ordering deportations of IWW members of foreign origins.

Taft signs a bill to put a prohibitively high tax on white phosphorus matches. There was no legal way to outright ban the things, even though they tended to poison the workers who manufactured them, so they’re doing this.

Several British suffragettes imprisoned for the window-smashing raid in London have secured their release through a hunger and thirst strike.

Headline of the Day -100: “POPE MUST NOT HEAR PEALS.; Physician Forbids Listening to Venice Bells Lest It Kill Him.” He was going to listen to them over the telephone, because he’s homesick, but his doctor thinks the emotional impact would give him a heart attack. Also, they can’t figure out how to transmit the sound of the bells over the phone.

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