Friday, February 15, 2013

Today -100: February 15, 1913: Of weak, nerveless men, literacy, and bribes

The NYT incorrectly reports that Francisco Madero resigns as president of Mexico after six days of bloody fighting in Mexico City.

Taft still doesn’t officially have this (false) news, because the American ambassador’s message reporting it to him has to be put in cipher, then it has to be deciphered at the other end, and that all takes time.

The NYT prematurely cheers the fall of Madero, “a weak, nerveless man, incapable of governing”. They’re just happy that this brings the warfare to an end (ha!) so the US won’t have to intervene.

Taft vetoes the immigration bill because of its literacy clause.

Six more West Virginia legislators are indicted for taking bribes to elect a US senator. The grand jury plans to question every member of the Legislature.

Pres. Taft approves the expulsion of a West Point cadet, Elmer E. Adler, for getting married.

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