Friday, December 06, 2013

Today -100: December 6, 1913: Of gun-running, blacklists, amnesties, and grippe

Britain bans arms importing into Ireland by royal proclamation. It won’t affect hunting weapons, because of course it won’t. Will this order be enforced more vigorously against Irish Nationalists than against Ulster Loyalists? What do you think?

If you need a hint: the secretary of war demanded the resignation of a major of the Horse Guards, the son of a viscount, because of his membership in the Ulster Volunteers, the group pledged to fight the army in the event of Home Rule. But several other officers threatened to resign, so he was allowed to remain.

Judge Loring of the Massachusetts Supreme Court rules that it’s legal for companies to combine to blacklist workers who participated in a strike.

The kaiser orders the transfer of the regiment that’s been causing so much friction (to say nothing of head injuries) in Zabern, Alsace, in a grudging surrender to the Reichstag.

Cuba finally passes the amnesty bill for the negro rebellion which was previously halted by objections (and the customary threats of military intervention) from the United States after amnesty for corrupt politicians was snuck into the bill. The new version includes amnesty for corruption politicians.

Woodrow Wilson has a case of grippe. Or grip, depending on which newspaper you read.

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