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Today -100: April 2, 1914: Of policewomen, wotherspoons, aggressive women, rubbers & hinky dinks, and pure shoes

Pittsburgh gets its first policewomen, four of them. They will look after young girls arriving in the city and investigate liquor law violations in establishments where women are served and go undercover in skimpy clothes, although I may be thinking of Angie Dickinson there.

(Alliterative) Name of the Day -100: newly appointed US Army chief of staff W.W. Wotherspoon.

Lord Cromer, who used to run Egypt for Britain and is a leading anti-suffragist, says hunger-strikers should be allowed to die. He also says that the women’s suffrage movement is doing great harm by making men less courteous to women and women more “aggressive” toward men.

Headline of the Day -100: “‘Bath House John’ Target for Woman.” Marion Drake is running for alderman in Chicago’s First Ward, long the fiefdom of men who glory in the names “Bath House” John Coughlin (who rose from the humble status of a “rubber” in a bath house, which evidently means a masseur) and “Hinky Dink” McKenna, who I assume acquired his sobriquet by having a dink that was particularly hinky.

Roald Amundsen postpones his Arctic expedition until 1915.

The Macon Telegraph defends the wrongful conviction of Leo Frank for murder and attacks the campaign to secure a new trial for him by saying that whatever becomes of him “is of little consequence when compared to the effect which the recent crusade against the courts will have upon them. If a mistake is made involving a single human life it would be deplorable, but it is better that such a mistake should be made than that our legal system should be brought into disrepute. The courts of law are the only protection which the citizen – high or humble – has. If he cannot appeal to them with the assurance that justice will be done, that his rights will be guarded, and that his life and property will be protected, then our system of government is on the ragged edge.” And if that’s not a good reason to execute a demonstrably innocent person, I don’t know what is.

A shoe company sues to prevent enforcement of Kansas’s pure shoe law. Pure shoes, it turns out, are 100% leather. Shoes using substitutes must be labeled.

Alec Guinness is born.

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