Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Today -100: December 31, 1914: Happy 1915 from the Archbishop of Canterbury, now go kill some Germans

Outgoing SC governor Coleman Blease just keeps pardoning prisoners, including three who dynamited a county jail in a failed attempt to lynch a negro prisoner who was later acquitted.  In Blease’s nearly four years in office, he has pardoned 1,544 prisoners.  There are only 149 state prisoners left.

Supposedly there are anti-war riots in Vienna and Budapest.

The archbishop of Canterbury’s New Year’s letter calls for more soldiers because Jesus, or something: “The very life of the empire may depend on the response to the call for men.  I think we can say deliberately that no household or home will be acting worthily if in timidity or self-love it keeps back any of those who can loyally bear a man’s part in behalf of the land we love.”

Austria, which started this whole mess by declaring war on Serbia, has given up on military operations against Serbia in order to concentrate on fending off the Russians.

Federal troops begin a phased withdrawal from the Colorado mining strike regions.

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