Sunday, July 26, 2015

Today -100: July 26, 1915: Of excess bodies, POWs, field marshals, and wobblies

The NYT says 915 bodies have been recovered from the Eastland disaster and 563 are still missing, and I still don’t know how they’ve counted more bodies than there actually were. People are asking why a ship known to lean to one side because of its top-heavy design was still allowed to carry passengers.

Supposedly, a man who was standing by the river contemplating suicide when the Eastland turned turtle dived in and rescued 9 people.

Germany claims that it and Austria have taken 1.5 million Russians prisoner.

The king of Bavaria appoints Kaiser Wilhelm a Field Marshal of the Bavarian Army, and Willy accepts, although it is a matter of debate whether the king of Bavaria actually has that power. This seems to be a way for Bavaria to assert itself at a time when Prussians are dominating everything in Germany.

A mob of 10,000 Italians storm Philadelphia Hall to stop an IWW meeting, having heard that the Wobblies have been telling Italian reservists not to go home to fight.

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