Saturday, September 12, 2015

Today -100: September 12, 1915: I will not be interviewed

The Evening Sun quotes German Ambassador to the US Count von Bernstorff as saying that if there is a diplomatic breach, U-boats will be ordered to sink every ship they see, which will lead to war. Bernstorff denies saying any such thing and adds that he didn’t give the paper an interview and never gives interviews, and he can’t comment on the purported interview because that would be giving an interview. (No, really, that’s what he says.) The Sun responds that they never said it was an interview, just that they’re in a position to state what Bernstorff’s views are. Bernstorff says he won’t confirm or deny that those are his views, because that would be giving an interview. It’s hard to argue with such logic.

Irish people in the US are raising funds for weapons for an uprising in Ireland. The “Defense of Ireland Fund” says that the British government is buying up riot shrapnel, whatever that is, from the US in order to put down protests in Ireland against conscription (conscription won’t actually be introduced in Ireland until 1918).

The NYT Sunday book review section has an article by Joyce Kilmer on the late war poet Rupert Brooke. “It is true that if it were not for the war he would not now be dead. It is also true that if it were not for the war he would not now be certain of literary immortality.” So, swings and roundabouts, yeh?

Headline of the Day -100: 

Local 41 of the New York Federation of Musicians objects to the use of school, church and other bands composed of children performing at civic events (specifically, they’ve filed a complaint against Mardi Gras celebrations on Coney Island), as being bad for the children and for musicians trying to support their families.

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