Friday, September 16, 2016

Today -100: September 16, 1916: Of race conferences, missionaries, Arab revolts, and prohibition

A negro “race conference” (not sure if that’s their term or the NYT’s) endorses Charles Evans Hughes after voting down a proposal to first send a delegation to Hughes to find out what his views on negroes actually are.

India bars non-British missionaries, teachers and the like from entering the country without a permit.

Carranza orders elections for a convention to amend the Mexican constitution. He insists the changes he wants aren’t that he be made a dictator. Likely story.

Hussein bin Ali, the Grand Sharif and Emir of Mecca proclaimed the Arabs in revolt against Ottoman rule last June, but the British, who got him to do so, are only now getting around to translating the proclamation for propaganda purposes.

Referendum elections in British Columbia support women’s suffrage and prohibition. But did they? Suffrage definitely won by more than 2 to 1, but there will be some question about prohibition. Soldiers voted absentee and when their ballots come in (months from now), they will be anti-prohibition to an unbelievable degree, possibly because they were counted by former BC prime minister Richard McBride, who was both anti-prohibitionist and dying. The count turned out to be full of fraud and irregularities. When more than half the military votes were discarded, prohibition was again the victor. The province soon tired of prohibition and the gangsterism it generated (the Prohibition Commissioner himself was arrested and jailed for bootlegging) and re-legalized booze again in 1921.

The St. Louis Democratic Party expects cops to contribute $10 each ($25 for sergeants).

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