Sunday, December 11, 2016

Today -100: December 11, 1916: Of cabinets and kings and movies on Sunday

Lloyd George’s Cabinet is announced. The leaders in the Commons and Lords will be Bonar Law and Lord Curzon, both Tories, respectively. They will be joined in the War Cabinet by Arthur Henderson (Labour) and Lord Milner (C). Balfour will be foreign minister, the Earl of Derby war secretary. Curzon and Milner are both former colonial governors (and prominent opponents of women’s suffrage). When Brits talk about the need for men who know how to get things done, they’re often talking about men with experience keeping natives in their place.

The Entente powers have been putting all the blame for Greece not meekly rolling over for them on King Constantine and are talking about deposing him and replacing him with 8-year-old alliterative Prince Pierre. And pro-Germans in Romania are talking about replacing King Ferdinand with his brother, Prince Wilhelm.

Movie theater owners in Schenectady, New York are resisting the Sunday closing law. 9 owners have been arrested.

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