Monday, October 30, 2017

Today -100: October 30, 1917: An experience of this kind shakes one's faith in the doctrine of non-resistance

The US Army takes its first German prisoner of war, who dies of his wounds, but only after supposedly telling his captors that German soldiers are all tired of the war, and only the officers want to continue.

The US government is discussing how to come to the aid of Italy and prevent it collapsing under the Teutonic onslaught, but anything it does will likely involve fighting Austrian troops and the US hasn’t declared war on Austria yet, so it may have to do that.

Headline of the Day -100: 

Before commencing, they read out “In the name of the poor women and children of Belgium this man should be whipped.” “This man” is Herbert Bigelow, head of the People’s Church of Cincinnati, who is told not to return to the city, but afterwards, when he’s in the hospital recovering, somebody claiming to be one of the whipping party calls to say he can return, if he behaves himself. Bigelow says “An experience of this kind shakes one's faith in the doctrine of non-resistance. It has converted me, at least temporarily, to the gospel of preparedness.” Bigelow will be elected to Congress from Ohio in 1936.

Theodore Roosevelt speaks in support of NYC Boy Mayor John Purroy Mitchel’s re-election, saying a man who votes for anyone else “will have the poor satisfaction of feeling that he has voted in a way that will give comfort to the Prussianized Germany that we are fighting at this moment.” Also, “We are to decide whether we have got a country, or whether we have simply got a polyglot boarding house!” He accuses Socialist candidate Morris Hillquit of the crime of not having bought a Liberty Loan bond.

Broadway theatres and stores beg the Fuel Administrator to allow them to continue running their signs at night. The electricity they’re using is just surplus, they say.

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