Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Today -100: January 30, 1918: Blasphemy in the sight of blood-covered Europe

Russia and Romania are conducting a, to coin a phrase, cold war over Bessarabia, whose regional council declares independence from Russia. Russia breaks relations with Romania.

Russian Foreign Minister Leon Trotsky tells the Congress of the Council of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Delegates that Germany “thought Russia needed peace at any price. They were mistaken... We still insist on a democratic peace.” Unless, you know, Russia is exhausted, then it will totally give in to an undemocratic peace. He also indicates that a separate peace is entirely possible: “To call a separate peace a disgrace is blasphemy in the sight of blood-covered Europe.”

Germany responds to strikes by arresting of Independent Socialist leaders and newspaper editors and barring Social Democratic Party leader Philipp Scheidemann from speaking at a meeting scheduled for next week in Leipzig.

Germany warns the US that it is expanding the zone of its naval blockade, enforced by u-boat operations, to the Azores and Cape Verde Islands.

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