Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Today -100: February 27, 1918: Undertaken in the name of humanity

Germany, evidently not taking Russia’s “We fucking surrender already” as an answer (and not responding to the official surrender), has refused an armistice and is still advancing in Russia. Russians are resisting. The government calls on the people to defend Petrograd from the “imperialist assassins” and “cursed minions of Wilhelm and the German Kaledine, together with the White Guard, [who] are advancing against and shooting the Soviets, reconstituting the power of the landlords, bankers, and capitalists, and preparing for the restoration of the monarchy.”

Imperialist Assassin and German Chancellor Georg von Hertling addresses the Reichstag of Cursed Minions. He claims to agree with Wilson’s 14 Points, more or less (one example of less: Alsace-Lorraine). He rejects Wilson’s positing of Germany as “an antagonism between an autocratic government and a mass of people without rights.” Why, in Germany, “princes and Governments are the highest members of the nation as a whole,” whose decisions are guided only by the welfare of the whole. He says Germany’s warfare has always been defensive in aim, even where it is aggressive in action. For example, the current attack on Russia is only “to safeguard the fruits of our peace with Ukraine. Aims of conquest were in no way a determining factor.” And any further military operations “are solely taking place at the urgent appeals and representations of the populations for protection against atrocities and devastation by Red Guards and other hands. They have, therefore, been undertaken in the name of humanity.”

The British send troops into County Clare, as was the custom. Sinn Feiners and lawless types generally have been stealing cattle, cutting telegraph wires, seizing farms, etc.

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