Sunday, December 02, 2018

Today -100: December 2, 1918: Against my will they sent me to Norway

The NYT says that the newly enfranchised British women will probably vote for Lloyd George because he’s the one politician they’ve heard of.

Former kaiser Willy Hohenzollern says the blame for the war is not his but that of his chancellor and foreign minister at the time, who sent him out of the country so they could scheme: “Against my will they sent me to Norway.”

The NYPD is getting an aviation division. Police planes could be used in case of fire, riot, whatever.

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  1. I take offense! I’m quite familiar with Asquith because of his wife’s bad behavior and silly hats.

  2. British women might also have remembered Asquith for exercising essentially a veto over women's suffrage, which was supported by the majority of the Liberal Cabinet, before the war.