Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Today -100: June 25, 1919: It will be used for the Irish Republic

With the new Bauer government in Germany shaky and not expected to survive long and German emissaries to the Peace Conference mostly having left, there’s some question over when the treaty might be signed by Germany, and by whom. Edgar Haniel von Haimhausen is the highest-ranking diplomat remaining at Versailles, but he’s just the delegation’s secretary and the Allies don’t think he has high enough rank. Which is okay, because his wife has told him if he signs he needn’t bother coming home.

√Čamon de Valera’s goal in the US, he says, is not just to get the US to recognize the Irish Republic, but to raise part of a £1 million loan. What will all that dosh be spent on? “It will be used for the Irish Republic.” See, the State Dept (quoted in yesterday’s paper) said that de Valera, escaped jailbird tho’ he is, won’t be detained as long as he doesn’t raise money in the US for a military force in violation of the Neutrality Acts. So with that “used for the Irish Republic” thing he’s carefully not saying that is the purpose nor denying that it is. (Also, de Valera was born in the US and may or not be a citizen).

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