Monday, October 28, 2019

Today -100: October 28, 1919: Of satisfaction in the company of crooked politicians, prohibition, provocative opera, and hog islands

William Randolph Hearst declines Gov. Al Smith’s challenge for a debate (a group, possibly Tammany-connected, had even booked Carnegie Hall for the debate). He says he won’t meet Smith “publicly, privately, politically, or socially” because he finds “no satisfaction in the company of crooked politicians.”

Pres. Wilson (or whomever) vetoes the Wartime National Prohibition Enforcement Bill, which does what it says on the box (yes there’s still a war on, technically). Wilson (or whomever, although this does reflect his pre-stroke thinking) says there isn’t a need for it anymore. The veto is then overridden by the House, 176-55. The drys sneakily rush it through in a single day while many wets are elsewhere.

NY Supreme Court Justice Giegerich rules that Mayor Hylan can ban opera sung in German until a peace treaty is ratified, calling the productions a “provocation.” The Star Opera Company argued that people doing a legal thing should be protected from people trying to stop them by doing illegal things, but the judge thinks otherwise.

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