Saturday, November 09, 2019

Today -100: November 9, 1919: The first big step to rid the country of these foreign trouble-makers

Federal judge A.B. Anderson orders the UMW to rescind its coal strike order, which he says violates the (wartime) Food and Fuel Control Act.

The Senate passes the first “reservation” to the Peace Treaty, saying that if the US leaves the League of Nations, the US will be the sole judge of whether it has met its obligations. The vote, 50-35 with all R’s voting in favor, is strong enough to suggest that all the Lodge Reservations will pass.

35 of those seized during the Palmer Raid on the Russian People’s House are sent to Ellis Island for deportation, and 150 released. “Most of them also had blackened eyes and lacerated scalps as souvenirs of the new attitude of aggressiveness which has been assumed by the Federal agents against Reds and suspected Reds.” Other “reds” seized in other Raids throughout the country are also sent to Ellis Island. Says Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer, “This is the first big step to rid the country of these foreign trouble-makers.”

Germany is also arresting its trouble-makers, members of the Communist and Independent Social Democratic parties who were preparing to, wait for it, celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Russian Revolution.

The Supreme Council of the peace conference orders Britain to release Austrian POWs.

British Prime Minister Lloyd George endorses Nancy Astor, saying Parliament needs “woman’s point of view presented by a woman” on, you know, women’s issues like housing, child welfare, prices and other things men don’t care about.

New York decides to build a tunnel to Staten Island. Now the only question is whether it will connect SI with Brooklyn or Manhattan. Spoiler Alert: construction will begin in 1923 but never finish.

NYU Medical College admits its first women students.

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