Sunday, December 08, 2019

Today -100: December 8, 1919: All the confidence I ever had in the pledges of the Allies has gone forever

Germany’s Minister of Defense Gustav Noske says Germany should continue to refuse to sign the peace protocol. “The time has come for Germany to resist to the uttermost. ... The peace now presented to us is not peace, but a prolongation of the war. ... Great Britain and France are deliberately planning the destruction of Germany. All the confidence I ever had in the pledges of the Allies has gone forever.” He’s not sure if the rest of the government will agree with him.

Another Sunday, another mass defiance of Baltimore’s Blue Laws. Except for the Auto Club, which closes all public garages, just to make the law obnoxious.

The UMW and the federal government are close to a deal to end the coal strike. Meanwhile, Butte, Montana is tearing down and burning all its old buildings for heat. In the Oklahoma coal fields, which are under martial law, the military arrests organizers and bans meetings.

In Kiel, Germany, a German escapes from a British steamer, the Helena. The British chase him through the streets, shooting at him. Investigating, the Kiel police find c.700 German prisoners of war who the British had dragooned into the Polish Legion to fight against Soviet Russia. Since the Helena was now in German waters, the men were no longer technically prisoners, so the cops ask if any of them would rather not continue their journey. 600 of them choose to leave the ship.

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