Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Today -100: April 22, 1920: A touch of jazz

Police shoot 14 IWW strike picketers in Butte, Montana.

At the San Remo Conference, the Allies decide not to decide what lines to draw on the map of all those territories being removed from Turkey. Turkey will therefore be expected to simply sign them over to the Allies for later disposal according to their whims. This includes Armenia, which might become a League of Nations mandate under the Netherlands, greater Syria (which has declared independence), Mesopotamia (ditto), Palestine, Anatolia, etc. The Allies have decided to leave Kurdistan with Turkey and come back to the issue in two years.

At the conference, Britain and France are at odds over how to deal with Germany. Lloyd George wants a fixed sum named for German reparations, and says the UK will even help France collect it with military force if necessary, but only if France gives up its self-declared prerogative of acting alone against Germany, like that’ll happen.

Overalls continue to make appearances in unaccustomed areas, with six congressional secretaries coming to work so attired, a “touch of ‘jazz’” which is evidently newsworthy.

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